The spirit of well-being.

Combining the style and design that have made Italian furniture famous the world over with modern bathroom furnishing trends. Baxar was born from this combination of elements to offer discerning customers the truest interpretation of the Italian lifestyle dedicated to bathroom furniture.
The spirit of well-being.
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The Italian Contemporary Bathroom

The Italian Contemporary Bathroom

Today you can decide to choose your bathroom furniture by combining the design freshness of a very young brand with the reliability and functionality ensured by the experience of a group that has been a reference point in the sector for over forty years. BAXAR bathroom furniture encapsulates the quintessence of Italian taste and lifestyle: aesthetic research down to the smallest details, the gift of always knowing how to add something special and unique to every project. Whatever your needs, you can choose from collections that are constantly updated by a team of highly skilled designers. Choosing a BAXAR bathroom also means ensuring quality guaranteed for 30 months together with exceptional value for money. A quality to be experienced, day after day, for a long time.

Materials inspired by nature

Among the main design concerns dedicated to creating a bathroom environment that fosters the well-being of the mind, Baxar has given great weight to the presence of textures and materials inspired by nature.

Quality. Gratifying the senses wherever possible.

Offering the tactile pleasure of contact with unique, refined and high-tech materials. Beautiful to look at but also easy and convenient to clean. And durable beyond imagination. Helping you feel good when you experience your bathroom for us is also this.

Furniture designed for your well-being.

Well-being also passes through specific functionalities, such as the convenience offered by drawers with equipped interiors or the great compositional versatility of each Baxar system.


A value and gratification that will be appreciated every time you enter your bathroom. To start a new day or to re-enter your cosy and pleasant private world.

30-month warranty

All Baxar products are covered by a warranty of 30 months against the risk of breakage due to defects in materials or the manufacture and assembly of elements.

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