M2 System

A timeless project

The simplicity of shapes due to the absence of a handle. A factor that adds clean lines leaving no distinctive element. The M2 system is based on this assumption.


Colours and finishes

  • 66
    Lacquered finishes
  • 32
    Dekorativo 3D
  • 12
    HPL Unicolor
  • 10
    Wooden essences


One of the many details highlighting the quality of the element is the workmanship of the door with a 45° grip.
One can’t help but be impressed by the beauty of this line featuring a groove opening in the top part of the doors.
The options include the possibility of matching two finishes and a lacquered groove handle in the same colour as the Double front panel.
The base and wall units can have an open end element partially covered by the front panel.
A design trick that offers a “suspended” effect, despite the element being rested on the floor.
Some countertops in on-trend materials are proposed with the Baxar design basins.
Base units with curved groove handle available in various finishes in matching or contrasting colours.
This three-sided groove emphasises the exclusivity of the material, accentuating the monolithic volume of the elements.
M2 SYSTEM can also include an innovative open side unit in metal, on which to rest a top in the user’s preferred finish.
A pleasant colour contrast in this element with central groove, allowing all the doors to be opened.
The countertop, front panel and unit structure can be in the same material in HPL, Ecomalta and Fenix.
Peculiar combination between upper groove and lower handle grip.
The possibility to combine wall units with varying depths allows the development of an intriguing play of volumes.
Therapy wall mirror with courtesy lighting, an integrated Led light and sliding steel shelves.

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